Sunday, February 26, 2012

Balancing Act....

Well, today I balanced my checkbook for the first time in about 5 years.  I did not do too bad overall. I had forgotten to enter about $ 150.00 in entries, which did put me into the negative in a few of my budget lines, but overall not too bad.  I had forgotten how satisfying this simple act is, and yet somehow I always dread doing it.  In the past I have put it off for so long that the following month's statement was in the mailbox and so would begin the demise of my budgeting plan.  I would get so far behind that I would give up and fall back into old habits.  It is so much like working out...I hate getting there but feel amazing when I am walking out.  But, if I go too long without going, I give up and figure I will start again later.

This blog is what keeps me from falling behind. I do not want to fail again.  I want to change my habits and my thinking.  I want to keep working on being a better me and making a better future for my family.  So I will keep chugging along and take the failures with the successes.  Some successes this month: I paid off a bill, submitted my taxes and because I am due a refund I now do not owe the IRS any more money, and I got to celebrate a wonderful birthday weekend in Savannah with my wonderful husband and some of his family.

Some of my failures this month: I overspent in some of my budget lines.  I tend to overspend in food because of poor planning.  But I am aware and will continue to work on being a better spender in that category each and every day.  With the increase in gas prices, I have also overspent in my fuel account and will have to adjust my budget and reduce someplace to make up for the extra expense in automotive.  In addition, my rent will be going up next month, so the money I am saving on paying the IRS, will off set the increase in my rent, which is a good thing.

Does anyone else struggle with the follow-through of life?  I tend to get very excited and I am great at the short term, it is the long term that gets me every time.  I need to find success in the long term so I can change this lifestyle I have created.


  1. I like your blog a lot and think it serves an extremely important purpose in the world! It should be mandatory reading for most people. Well done. P.S. Great taste in blog background!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! I truly believe that in order for us to rebound in this country, we need to start at home and becoming more aware of our lifestyles. I am absolutely from the "Want it Now" generation and I struggle every day with not running and buying impulsively. Thank you so much for the positive feedback!