Sunday, February 12, 2012

While I wait....

I realized that while I wait for each passing month to arrive, I am going to have to stop wishing my life away.  I sit and say, "I can't wait until I am debt free" or "By summer this will be paid off"  In the meantime, life is happening.  This whole process of dealing the with reality of my situation has made me super sensitive to other areas of my life.  I have started paying more attention to my heath and consequently I have started working out again.  I am not where I want to be yet, but still a step in the right direction.  I have also stopped seeing my finances as "dire" and started seeing them as manageable and hence I have less stress where money is concerned. And finally, I realize that money, job or stress the number one priority of my life must be my family. I do not want to spend another day distracted by negative, out of control situations.  I want to see the happiness and serenity of my life and how fortunate I am to be surrounded by people that love me.

When I talk to people throughout my day about being debt free, they all seem to have an aversion to the fact that someone may actually be able to live in today's world without any financial obligation where one would be paying interest to someone.  Debt free means just that - debt free.  It breaks my heart to think I may not get another house for many years, but when I buy that house it will be mine.  Not a bank's, not a relative's, all mine. The stress I see in others around me that are also struggling with financial pressure, and it makes me happy to know I am on the road to rid myself of that stress.  I watch people who have told me they may lose their homes, cars or child's college education due to financial stress, yet the next week they are buying a new car or taking a trip to Europe.  I just listen and try to remember that not too long ago that was me. I was always searching for a way to rid myself of the stress using "retail therapy".

So, as I close this week out I would ask, "What is keeping you from a peaceful, low-stress life?"  Here are is a blog  that lists some things to consider when deciding on what you can do to begin to find happiness each and every day. 

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