Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Simple Things.....

My daughter is having a friend sleepover tonight. We made homemade pizzas, cookies and they are now playing "Airport" which involves luggage and going from room to room.  It made me realize that not much is different than when I was 8 and the best thing in the world was a friend to play with for an entire night.  The sky was the limit on what you could do and eat!

In a time of fancy electronics and TV's in every room, it is the simple things that still make children happy.  Like the ability to create a world where they are traveling someplace exotic, or shopping in a fancy department store where they are the adults and make the choices and are in charge.  I am so enjoying this age of my daughter and every year I learn to appreciate the wonderful little quirks specific to that year.  Like last year was the perfect year for Santa and our Elf, Butterball.  This year she has discovered music and loves to sing and sing she does all day every day.

I am learning to enjoy everyday with my lovely daughter and although I do not want to rush our time, I look forward to what each year is going to bring to our family.  Just a note of reflection tonight, hope everyone is enjoying your weekend no matter where or what you are doing.

Do you think that my granddaughters will be playing house or store when they are 8? 

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