Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year.....

It seems no matter how many New Year's I celebrate, I always feel excited about what the upcoming year holds for me and my family.  Last year seemed very much like a transition year, but this year holds all these wonderful possibilities that I am excited to experience.

My husband is set to graduate from Nursing School as an RN in May, my nephew is getting married and my daughter gets to be the flower girl, and I am going to try and make the leap from Assistant Principal to Principal.    There are many other items that are on the horizon that makes me excited about 2013.  I was lucky enough to spend my holidays in NJ with my family(where it was VERY cold and gray) and then I got to return home to sunny Florida which always gives me an appreciation of the weather here.  

Although 2012 did not end financially like I thought it would, I still made it through with all the bills paid, a vacation to NJ and roof over my head. It did however, make me very aware of money but not in a bad way.  More of a, "Stop stressing about it and just do it" way.  Instead of constantly beating myself up about my choices, I keep reminding myself that, "Nothing changes unless I take action" and so when I make a choice that is not good, I learn from it and move on.  I do not look back and keep reliving the mistake over and over so that I become sick over it.  

One of the resolutions I did keep from last year was, I did not shop in a Walmart store all year.  Not even once.  I had decided that they are not good for my bank book, my time or my fellow neighbors that are basically working poor when they are employed by them.  I am sure they are not feeling the impact of my boycott, but it did make me feel good that I believed in something enough to follow through with it for an entire year.

So, to all I wish a Happy and Healthy New Year. 

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