Thursday, December 29, 2011

Public and Private Admissions

Well, this morning I sent a link to some of my family for this blog.  I tried to explain the reasons I am doing this and asked that they not judge me, just follow my journey and be supportive.  My wish for all of them is to try and walk this road with me since I believe they can benefit from my desired way of life, paying cash for everything.  I see my nieces and nephew living a similar life that my mother and I lived, working hard and never really getting anyplace.  I have to say for my family, we do understand what it means to work, I can never remember a time when we did not work.  And sometimes we were working 2 or more jobs.  My hope for my family is that in 10 years, we can all be in a position to travel together, laugh together, and feel safe with one another.  I have said this in an earlier post, but it is such a huge desire of mine that I want to say it again, I want to be a blessing to my family not a burden.  So for them, I pledge to work hard towards my goal of being financially responsible so that they may not have to experience the stress, heartache and guilt that I have over the years.

All this thinking of money is quite frankly, exhausting.  I seems to be in every thought I have, which makes me realize how it is a type of addiction to me.  When something takes over your life, there may be a problem.

Anyone else feel like money is always in the forefront of their thinking????


  1. I may sound silly but i cried! Because i'd love to be debt free and be able to care for my family without worry... but it feels so impossibly especially as someone whose struggling to find a job... :'(

  2. Doesn't sound silly, I cry all the time about how I want to change my life and feel like I can't. That is why I decided to say enough, and just begin. Take the journey with me to be a role model for the boys, mom and dad and all the others that are being crushed by debt.. we can do this together! I am tired of worrying all the time, aren't you???